Respectable representatives of Katy Independent
School District,
Estimable Teachers, Appreciable Parents,
Dear Friends:      

In representation of the great family of students of the Katy Independent
School District, I have the honor to express our deepest feelings of gratitude
and recognition, for the English classes we have been receiving.

1.    We will never forget the excellent free teaching, the good things that Katy
ISD has done and is doing for us, the students of English as a second language.

2.    We continually…week after week, receive important teachings from our
special English teachers:  We love them a great deal! The knowledge we are
receiving, is light, sunlight, illumination for our minds and souls, enabling us to
communicate with women, men and children.  That luminosity destroys the
stone walls of ignorance, which separates us from other human beings.

3.    Our kind and generous teachers, cure, heal our blindness and darkness,
and crown our heads with the brightness of wisdom in the beautiful art of
speaking and writing correctly English, an international language.

4.    With their help, our personal effort and perseverance, we, the students,
are enhancing, improving our ability to speak and write correctly our English
day after day.  Step by step we can go far!

5.    Our dear English teachers satisfy our hunger and thirst for

Blessed be those who teach…!

And doubly blessed are those

Who learn and put into practice what they learn!

The sun of knowledge will always light their path!

Thank you beloved teachers:  you speak and sow and we listen and harvest.

We, your pupils, have enough faith, enthusiasm, constancy and tenacity!

Thanks Miss Claudia Quiroga!

6.    For these reasons and many other precious benefits, we the learners, we
the students, manifest our gratitude and recognition to:

 ·       The great people of AMERICA

 ·       The educational representative of Katy Independent School      

 ·       To Miss Sharon Malazzo, shining star of Katy.  “Rose of Sharon
         and Lilly of the Valleys”

7.    To:

 ·       All our teachers

 ·       Department of other languages

 ·       District Parent Advisory Council

 ·       Sponsors of English Courses

To all of them

Let the drums

Everlasting tremble...

Before our potent

And resounding applause!

Thank you!!

Thank you very much!!

                                          Luis Elías Tórtola

                                          Houston, Texas.  April 24th, 2008