Neither More Nor less

Neither I am more

Because your eyes

Want me…

Nor less

Because your mortal glances

Hurt me
      Your disdain

       Does not depreciate

       My real price;

       Nor your esteem


       My right price     
My poverty

Or my wealth

What I'm worth…

Is something…

That only

My conscience

In its balance weighs!

       It does not overwhelm me…

       Nor it subtracts me

       Nor it adds me

       If they make me…

       Or not make me a party

Neither I am more

If joyful

If your screams acclaim me

Nor I am less

If they defame

             Calmed in my pedestal

             I live indifferent …

             Like a cold transparent

             Statue of Crystal

             With frozen heart

             empty of vain emotion.

Luis Elías Tórtola
Houston, TX April 10th, 2007