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Luís  Elías Tórtola...
Dear Visitor:

¡If it is not felt… poetry is absent!


When your wonderful eyes sail on
the surface of the waters of my verses, anxious
I yearn you allow your Human Essence
radiating like the sun, to leave the corporal prison,
in which the inhabitants of this globe are
chained and subdued under the strict
dictatorship of the senses.


Our prison has only 5 windows through
which we can barely SEE, HEAR,
SMELL, TASTE, TOUCH, and understand
what happens in the scene of the Human
Life, since we opened for the first time
the eyes until for the last time we close them.


Release yourselves albeit briefly, let's astonish ourselves
in the microscopic and in the macroscopic,
in the admirable, spectacular and undescribable beauty
of all things that exist in our wonderful world.


It shows itself everywhere, the presence of an
Overflowing, astonishing and incomprehensible
infinite indefinable presence, from which everything
is part.


Let's submerge together in the deep waters of
the large ocean of poetry, and feel ist music
vibrating in our souls. Let's elevate ourselves
like glorious condors, lovers of the heights, and
look with our penetrating eyes, with the other eyes of
our secret eagle.


Serene and peaceful in mental silence
let's open ourselves completly, wholly and totally
to the delicate nuances of dawn and dusk
that beautify life daily.


To you that read me, I entrust my verses,
which will be ennobled, dignified
and extolled, with the exquisite sensibility,
deep emotion and serene and high passion


¡This verses are yours, do with them
what you want to!
The poetry is music.
The music is poetry without words.
Poetry like music is present
in everything that exists!

Luis Elías Tórtola
Houston, Texas September 11, 2007.
Vibrating In Poetry